Jackpot MC Rules
Here you can find Important Server Rules
This page contains all the rules JackpotMC enforces for their playerbase. If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you will be punished! Please read through them before playing the server so you know what to do, and what not to do.
Low severity
Medium severity
High severity
  • Spamming

    • Anything that disrupts the flow of the chat on the server is considered spamming. Sending several similar messages repeatedly within a short time, using excessive capitals in a message, or character spam is disallowed. English is the only permitted language in chat, using another language will also fall under this rule.
  • Impersonation

    • Pretending to be another user or staff member is strictly prohibited. This punishment can vary in time depending on the severity.
  • Minor Advertising

    • Publicly promoting social media, other server names, or communication about another product not related to Jackpot is considered Minor Advertisement. If you need clarification on what might fall under this rule, contact a server staff member.
  • Unsuitable Item Names

    • Using item names that are inappropriate, unsuitable, or ill fitting of the item will result in the removal of the item. Depending on the severity, further punishment can be enforced.
  • Inappropriate Content

    • Discussing inappropriate content, excessively swearing, sensitive subjects, or being directly rude towards players could fall under this rule. This server is family friendly. As such, we want communication to be clean, pg-13, and healthy for younger users.
  • Player Disrespect

    • When on JackpotMC we will not tolerate disrespect towards staff members, players, or the server. Criticism of others is fine, however, when it gets out of hand it becomes inappropriate and disallowed.
  • Inappropriate Username

    • Having a username deemed inappropriate by an online staff member, or a majority of the player base is not allowed.
  • Discrimination

    • Treating a group or an individual differently because of age, sex, race, general differences or those with disability is a major offense. No where on Jackpot Productions will behavior under this category be permitted. Being caught doing so in an area related to JackpotMC will result in immediate punishment.
  • Harassment

    • Harassment of players is not allowed. Constantly messaging, messaging, or conducting yourself in an unwelcoming nature in a combative way towards others will fall under this rule. Once someone has made it clear to you to stop talking to them on the Jackpot server, this rule can be enforced in messages. Severity varies.
  • Death Wishes

    • Encouraging harm upon others, wishing or hinting at harm of others, or directly pressuring others into harm is a severe offense regardless of if it’s meant to be a joke or not. We do not take this punishment lightly and can lead to actions outside of the JackpotMC Server.
  • Major Advertising

    • Sending direct server addresses, competing discords, or products that'll bring players away from JackpotMC is a bannable offense. If you do not understand, or are unsure whether something falls under this rule, contact a staff member.
  • Inappropriate Links

    • Sending links to websites containing pornographic content, shady applications, or information grabbing sites is a severe offense.
  • DDoS / Doxxing / Swatting

    • Any offense under this category will result in a blacklist from all productions related to JackpotMC. For these offences are illegal, federal action can be taken against the offender, or reported in certain cases.

    * We do not re-roll deaths caused by "ghosting". Ghosting is a client-side issue that may result in an ineffective Totem of Undying.

  • Unfair Advantages

    • Injecting code into your game that gives you an unfair advantage over others, using blacklisted modifications, or exploiting a method that gives you an advantage over others is strictly prohibited on all JackpotMC Servers. This includes modifications of your mouse, game settings, and clicking(25+ cps is disallowed). If you’re unsure of what may be illegal, ask an administrator.
  • Punishment Evasion

    • Attempting to connect to the lifesteal servers while suspended is not permitted. Bypassing your mute will also fall under the punishment evasion category.
  • Inappropriate Structures

    • Creating a genital, swastika, or structure not suitable for younger audiences will result in removal of the nearby land and structure along with a direct punishment.
  • Automated Work

    • Using a method that allows you to achieve, or create an opportunity to do less work than should be necessary will be strictly enforced. Being caught doing so may result in a rollback of all progress, or potentially a deletion of your team. This does not include automated farms.
  • Bug Exploitation

    • Using a bug, glitch or server error to obtain an advantage over others is not allowed Being knowledgeable of an exploit and not reporting it will also fall under this category. Report all bugs found to staff members immediately, compensation can be given depending on the severity. This includes the Nether roof.
  • Chargebacks

    • Refunding an item purchased with real money from the server will result in an immediate and permanent punishment.
  • Solicitation

    • Attempting to solicit in-game items for real cash or currency (not in-game) will result in a permanent ban.