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What is Lifesteal SMP?
Lifesteal SMP is a survival multiplayer experience with a twist. Players are able to steal each others health by killing each other. So let's say you join one of our Lifesteal realms for the first time, you'll spawn with 10 hearts just like in vanilla Minecraft. You venture out of spawn into the wild and find another new player that you 1v1 to the death. You kill them, which adds an extra heart to your health permanently, now at 11 hearts. The other player lost a heart, since you stole it from them.
What is What is Practice PvP?
Our Practice PvP server is meant for players to sharpen their PvP skills for the latest Minecraft version. You can practice Minecraft PvP any way you'd like by dueling players in different modes like Crystal PvP, Sword PvP, Axe PvP & much more. We also offer Free For All arenas specifically designed for Crystal PvP & Sword PvP. Create a kit to your liking, hop in the arena or even duel other players.
What is Border SMP?
Border SMP is a unique, fast paced gamemode where the world border revolves around a pig, centered within the border that is controlled by players or roams freely. Many more updates to come to this gamemode soon.
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